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TIEC Activities


TIEC undertakes a broad range of activities including:

• Flora surveys on country including plant surveys around archaeological sites
• Provision of plant lists (native, traditional, invasives) with updated scientific names
• Native plant photos
• Recording of traditional plant use and other cultural knowledge
• Provision of historical information on traditional names and uses
• Development of resources for ethnobotany including databases, identification reference collections, libraries etc
• Collation of historical information of traditional plant use
• Supervision and mentoring of students undertaking ethnobotanical studies




• Knowledge sharing to reinvigorate cultural resources and practices,
• Mapping resources of important places and species to support planning for country,
• Indigenous-driven planning that supports customary decision-making and goals for country.

TIEC is increasingly engaging with Traditional Owners in collaborative research and practice that links ethnobotany to sustainability challenges like climate change, fire management and biodiversity conservation through:


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